Products in the real world

Some of the projects I participated in at my internships are beginning to be realized. While others are still in the making...

First of is some of the stuff I was involved in at Made by Makers:
Zone DenmarkDish rack and cutlery holder that is now in the shops.
Dali Speakers: Worked with different concepts for Dali. Not realized yet.
B&O Medicom: Worked  a couple of concepts. Not realized yet.
HED: Branding of the company and design of a product.

At Design Partners some of the things I worked with was:
Dantoy: An excavator for children and a motorbike both in the shops.
Morsø: Design of 3 different fireplace. All of them in production. 1 2 3 
Danilift: Designing the D-Box, used for extra workspace and storage on a basket lift.